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Walt Disney Pictures: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
Which company produces Walt Disney Pictures?
Disney Europe
Pantomime Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Television Animation

Question 3:
When was Walt Disney Pictures founded?

Question 4:
What country is Walt Disney Pictures based in?

Question 5:
What industry is Walt Disney Pictures in?
Computer Processor Cores
Basic resources
Motion pictures

Question 6:
What city is Walt Disney Pictures based in?

Question 7:
What type of company is Walt Disney Pictures?
Free Economic Zone
partnership on Japanese Civil Code
Subsidiary of Fangoria Entertainment

Question 8: ________ for the animated Disney films released by Walt Disney Pictures
Spirited AwayList of Disney theatrical animated featuresList of Disney feature filmsBeauty and the Beast (1991 film)

Question 9: Animated features produced by ________, Pixar Animation Studios, ImageMovers Digital, and DisneyToon Studios are usually released by Walt Disney Pictures under the Disney banner.
Walt Disney Animation StudiosWalt Disney Studios Home EntertainmentThe Walt Disney CompanyRoy E. Disney

Question 10: Another label, ________, was created in 1984 to enable Disney to release films with a more mature content than those officially associated with the Disney name.
Touchstone PicturesHollywood PicturesABC StudiosThe Walt Disney Company


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