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Walloons: Quiz


Question 1: Starting from 1620s, numerous Walloon miners and their families settled in ________ to work in iron mining.

Question 2: The low-lying area of Flanders and the hilly region of the ________ have been under the control of many city-states and external powers.
Meuse (river)ArdennesLiègeWallonia

Question 3: [4] According to the region, the term Walha was transformed, in particular by ________ in other languages, and by semantic reduction.
Credit (finance)LoanDebtBond (finance)

Question 4: [46] In Flanders, the Dutch troops capitulated at the same time in ________, Ieper, Oostende, Menen,Oudenaarde, Gerardsbergen (pp.

Question 5: This is complicated by the federal structure of Belgium, which splits ________ into three language groups with the privilege of using their own tongues in official correspondence, but also into three autonomous regions.
SpainUnited KingdomDenmarkBelgium

Question 6: They were originally led by the entrepreneur Louis de Geer, who commissioned them to work in the ________ mines of Uppland and Östergötland.

Question 7: Walloon originated in ________ alongside other related terms, but it supplanted them.
Spanish languageRomance languagesFrench languagePortuguese language

Question 8: [5] Walloon also designates the inhabitants of ________ — a monolingual French-speaking territory — as opposed to Flemish.
LiègeWalloniaWalloon Region (federal region)Belgium

Question 9: The heartland of Walloon culture is the Meuse and Sambre valleys, ________ Dinant, Namur (the regional capital), Huy, Verviers, and Liège.

Question 10: In 1572 Jean Bodin made a funny play on words which has been well-known in ________ to the present:
Walloon Region (federal region)LiègeBelgiumWallonia


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