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Wall cloud: Quiz


Question 1: Wall clouds are caused by the ascending and converging inflow air of the updraft ingesting moist, ________ cooled air from the normally downwind downdraft.
RainEarth rainfall climatologyPrecipitation (meteorology)Climate

Question 2: [1] [2] In the special case of a ________ thunderstorm but also occasionally with intense multicellular thunderstorms, the wall cloud will often be seen to be rotating.
Convective storm detectionTornadoSupercellCumulonimbus cloud

Question 3: A rotating wall cloud is the area of the thunderstorm that is most likely to produce ________, and the vast majority of intense tornadoes.
MeteorologyRainSevere weatherTornado

Question 4: In ________, this is the forward flank downdraft (FFD).
ThunderstormSupercellConvective storm detectionTornado

Question 5: Monthly Weather Review (________) 107 (9): 1184–97.
Earth InteractionsMeteorological MonographsWeather and ForecastingAmerican Meteorological Society

Question 6: A wall cloud, or pedestal cloud, is a ________ formation associated with thunderstorms.
Precipitation (meteorology)Cloud condensation nucleiFogCloud

Question 7: Most strong ________ form within wall clouds.
TornadoSevere weatherMeteorologyThunderstorm


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