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Walk on the Wild Side (TV series): Quiz


Question 1: Featured wildlife include: Porpoise, white mouse, spoonbill, iguana, meerkat, walrus, penguin, giant tortoise, badger, rabbit, crab, ________, seal, shoebill, skunk.
MicrohylidaePoison dart frogFrogTrue toad

Question 2: Walk on the Wild Side at the ________
That Mitchell and Webb LookDavid Mitchell (actor)British Comedy AwardsBritish Comedy Guide

Question 3: The voiceover cast includes Jason Manford, Jon Richardson, Pal Aron, Harriet Carmichael, Steve Edge, ________ and Sarah Millican.
Phill JupitusRhod GilbertNoel FieldingSimon Amstell

Question 4: Walk on the Wild Side is a 2009 comedy sketch show shown on ________.
BBC TelevisionBBC ThreeBBC TwoBBC One

Question 5: Featured wildlife include: ________, chameleon, marine iguana, anteater, giraffe, bat, ostrich, marmot, gorilla, badger, meerkat, camel, shoebill, shark, caterpillar, sage grouse.
Swamp WallabyEastern Pygmy PossumBoodieKoala

Question 6: It involves the overdubbing of humorous voiceovers to ________ footage.
Natural historyMiller–Urey experimentGriffith's experimentAvery–MacLeod–McCarty experiment


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