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Question 1: Wakefulness is a daily recurring brain state in which an individual is conscious and engages in coherent cognitive and behavior responses to the external world such as communication, ________, nutritional ingestion and procreation.
Gait (human)RunningWalkingBipedalism

Question 2: [4] Orexin deficiency has been identified as responsible for ________.
Sleep apneaNarcolepsyHypersomniaSleep disorder

Question 3: Research suggests that orexin and histamine neurons play distinct, but complementary roles in controlling wakefulness with orexin being more involved with wakeful behavior and histamine cognition and activation of cortical ________.
NeurosurgeryNervous systemElectroencephalographyEpilepsy

Question 4: The posterior ________ plays a key role in the maintenance of the cortical activation that underlies wakefulness.
Posterior pituitaryPineal glandPituitary glandHypothalamus

Question 5: The longer the brain has been awake, the greater the spontaneous firing rates of ________ neurons with this increase being reversed by sleep.
CerebrumGrey matterHuman brainCerebral cortex

Question 6: ________ neurons in the tuberomamillary nucleus and nearby adjacent posterior hypothalamus project to the entire brain and are the most wake-selective system so far identified in the brain.

Question 7: [3] Another key system is that provided by the ________ (also known as hypocretins) projecting neurons.
OrexinAdrenocorticotropic hormoneOxytocinMelanocyte-stimulating hormone

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