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Question 1: After adjusting and testing the amplifier with an electronic oscillator and ________, Plunkett connected the output to the speaker and tested the circuit audibly.
OscilloscopeCathode ray tubeAnalog-to-digital converterMultimeter

Question 2: David Sanborn can be heard playing an alto saxophone modified by a wah-wah pedal on the ________ album Young Americans.
David Bowie discographyChanges (David Bowie song)David BowieRebel Rebel

Question 3: André Olbrich of German Power metal act ________ is known for his use of the wah-wah pedal to help achieve his distinct, "layered" sound.
Tales from the Twilight WorldBlind GuardianHansi KürschA Night at the Opera (Blind Guardian album)

Question 4: Plunkett to create and submit the documentation for the Wah-Wah pedal ________.
PatentPatent applicationSoftware patentPatent infringement

Question 5: At this point the first ________ was plugged into the prototype wah-wah pedal by guitarist Del Casher who suggested to Joe Banaron that this was a guitar effects pedal rather than a wind instrument effects pedal.
Bass guitarElectric guitarElectric Guitar DesignLead guitar

Question 6: In Pink Floyd's Echoes, the 'screaming seagull' guitar effect was created by ________ reversing the input and output leads in his wah-wah pedal (by accident, originally).
David GilmourSyd BarrettRoger WatersRichard Wright (musician)

Question 7: Many bassists have also used the wah-wah effect, for example Michael Henderson on ________'s album On the Corner (1972).
'Round About Midnight1958 MilesMiles DavisThe Complete On the Corner Sessions

Question 8: ________ is a modern wah-wah pedal user and is commonly known for using the discontinued Ibanez WH10.
Mother's MilkBlood Sugar Sex MagikFlea (musician)John Frusciante

Question 9: Boyd Tinsley of ________ is known to use a wah-wah pedal live.
Before These Crowded StreetsDave Matthews Band discographyDave Matthews BandCarter Beauford

Question 10: "________" employed an original Vox Clyde McCoy Picture Wah.
Jimi HendrixLittle WingCome On (Earl King song)Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


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