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Question 1: The second point of criticism is that after people have been compelled to no feasible alternative than that of wage labour, ________ occurs.
Capital accumulationMarxismExploitationCapitalism

Question 2: In Marxist terminology, wage labour is defined as "the mode of production where the worker sells their ________ as a commodity",[5] (and a wage labourer is one who sells their labour power.)
Surplus valueLabour powerSurplus labourCapital accumulation

Question 3: Many explain the existence of the wage system on a ________ legal structure, the state, which aims to make low-wage employment and innovative forms of labor trade illegal.
Barriers to entryNatural monopolyCompetition lawMonopoly

Question 4: In some cases, the worker might be paid in the form of credit used to buy goods and services, or in the form of ________ or shares in an enterprise.
Futures contractOption (finance)Derivatives marketDerivative (finance)

Question 5: On the other hand, the worker sells their creative energy and their ________ for a given period, and are alienated from their own labour, as well as its products.
Human rightsPropertyLibertyCulture

Question 6: ________, minarchist capitalists and market-anarchists see the problem differently.
Free-market anarchismAnarcho-capitalismAnarcho-capitalist literatureIndividualist anarchism

Question 7: Wage labour is the socioeconomic relationship between a worker and an employer in which the worker sells their labour under a ________ (employment), and the employer buys it, often in a labour market.
Delegation (law)DuressShariaContract


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