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Question 1: Lange became defensive, calling Mariann an "unfunny ________", to which everyone responded in mild disgust, as Mariann seems to have good intentions.
English languageFuckCuntUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Jeff the Vomit Guy has appeared on the show to meet women interested in emetophilia, a vomit fetish; due to the difficulty of finding willing participants, he usually resorts to paying ________ to vomit on him.
Sex and the lawProstitution by countrySexual ethicsProstitution

Question 3: "Elegant" Elliot Keith Offen is an eccentric personality known for his gangster persona, use of loud and profane filibustering, dubbed by Offen as "________".
Ornament (music)Musical notationHarmonyDynamics (music)

Question 4: King of All Blacks is an ________ garbage man, and a frequent Stern caller.
Englewood, New JerseyHackensack, New JerseyFort Lee, New JerseyTenafly, New Jersey

Question 5: He was also used in the many parodies of New York's first black mayor, ________.
Robert F. Wagner, Jr.Ruth MessingerDavid DinkinsPercy Sutton

Question 6: On ________, 2006, she came into the studio for her birthday, and rode the Sybian again, this time with her granddaughter, Stacey.
January 1September 12September 13March 4

Question 7: He is known for mentioning brand names of expensive items he owns, especially Moen faucets, wearing a fur coat, and having ________ to improve his appearance.
Oral and maxillofacial surgeryOrgan transplantMedicinePlastic surgery

Question 8: Yucko was featured on a sketch comedy show titled "Stankervision" on ________, but was not renewed for a second season.
MTV2Spike (TV channel)VH1MTV Tr3́s

Question 9: Walsh, also ________, tried (unsuccessfully) to have a reasonably coherent conversation with Ian.
Drug overdoseAcute alcohol intoxicationAlcohol withdrawal syndromeAlcohol intoxication

Question 10: She often asserts that Underdog deserves to be considered among the pantheon of great ________, and uses her performance pieces to emphasize this belief.
Jack KirbySuperheroBatmanStan Lee

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