WWVA (AM): Quiz

Question 1: In its first year of operation, it broadcast to listeners with home-made ________, principally from Stroebel's own home.
DiodeCrystal radioRadioCapacitor

Question 2: The ________ broadcasts started on January 7, 1933 and was even transmitted to troops abroad during the height of World War II.
WWVA JamboreeOzark JubileeWheeling, West VirginiaCountry music

Question 3: WWVA is an AM radio station that broadcasts on a frequency of 1170 kHz with studios in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA and its transmitter in ________.
St. Clairsville, OhioBridgeport, OhioBellaire, OhioMartins Ferry, Ohio

Question 4: One week earlier, the ________ had granted a broadcast license on 860 kilocycles to the radio station WWVA.
CBSMobile televisionUltra high frequencyFederal Communications Commission

Question 5: Until 2009, unlike most Clear Channel news talk stations, WWVA did not air ________.
Coast to Coast AMGeorge NooryArt BellCryptozoology

Question 6: ________ wizard, physics teacher, and inventor John Stroebel threw the switch that sent power surging through the tiny, home-built 50-watt transmitter in the basement of his home.
ElectronicsElectrical engineeringElectronic engineeringEngineering

Question 7: The station is currently owned by ________ and uses the on-air nickname "The Big One" (borrowed from sister stations WLW and WTAM).
San AntonioUSAAClear Channel CommunicationsValero Energy Corporation

Question 8: It is a class A 50,000 watt clear-channel station, sharing the frequency with KFAQ (formerly KVOO) in ________.
Oklahoma CityTulsa County, OklahomaTulsa, OklahomaBroken Arrow, Oklahoma

Question 9: This ________ format lasted until 1997, when WWVA abandoned it in favor of news/talk.
JazzBluesCountry musicAmerican folk music

Question 10: Keep Hope Alive with ________
Rosa ParksJesse JacksonAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Martin Luther King, Jr.

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/WWVA_(AM))