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Question 1: However, by this time, the IWA's personnel had replaced the belt with Revolution X-Treme Wrestling's championship belt (which was in ________'s possession) and had transferred the Universal Championship to a secure location.
In Your HouseScott HallSavio VegaStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 2: February 17, 1985 marked the first time that the championship's holder changed outside of Puerto Rico, when ________ won it.
Terry FunkJack BriscoHarley RaceDory Funk, Jr.

Question 3: Both wrestlers traded the title until it was held up and won by Colón (in what marked his tenth title reign) who held it until December 17, 1989, when he lost it to ________.
Bobby KayBret HartYvon CormierLeo Burke

Question 4: This time he feuded with ________ who won the title once, with the title being subsequently held up and finally being won by Colón again.
VampiroRey Mysterio, Jr.Fall BrawlScott Levy

Question 5: The feud continued with Gonzalez bringing foreign wrestlers to challenge him for the title, among whom were ________ and Jerry Flynn who won the title eventually losing it to Bronco, who lost to Ray shortly after.
Stone Cold Steve AustinRic FlairBret HartCurt Hennig

Question 6: The Universal Championship was first introduced as the WWC World Heavyweight Championship, when it was awarded to ________, after he won a "tournament" that supposedly took place in Japan.
Harley RaceMick FoleyTerry FunkAbdullah the Butcher

Question 7: Carly's final feud before signing with ________ was against Sabu with both men trading the championship once.
World Wrestling EntertainmentChris JerichoWWE RawWWE SmackDown

Question 8: The WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship and the top title contested for in the Puerto Rican professional wrestling promotion, the ________.
WWC AnniversaryWorld Wrestling CouncilRay GonzálezCarlos Colón, Sr.

Question 9: [9] Both the International Wrestling Association and the ________ recognized the unification match, however, and considered Blitz the first Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in Puerto Rico.
Wrestling Superstars LiveProfessional wrestlingJim Crockett PromotionsNational Wrestling Alliance

Question 10: The title was held up numerous times on 1991, as part of feuds between Colon, Greg Valentine and ________.
Dino BravoRoddy PiperChris BenoitBret Hart

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