WMVP: Quiz

Question 1: After deciding its profit margin was too small for the Chicago Federation of Labor to maintain, WCFL was sold in 1979 to the ________, at the time a subsidiary of the Amway Corporation.
Blue NetworkMutual Broadcasting SystemNBC Red NetworkCBS Radio Network

Question 2: It is also currently the flagship station of the ________.
Chicago BullsPhil JacksonMichael Jordan2009–10 Chicago Bulls season

Question 3: WMVP (1000 AM) is the callsign of a commercial radio station in ________, USA.
Elmhurst, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisBurr Ridge, IllinoisChicago

Question 4: In 1927, WCFL broadcast the ________-Jack Dempsey championship boxing match at Soldier Field, challenging the National Broadcasting Company's exclusive claim to the event.
Gene TunneyPolly Lauder TunneyMax SchmelingUnited States

Question 5: The station carried general entertainment over the decades but by the late 1950s WCFL evolved into a ________ station.
Thirty-two-bar formPopular musicMusical formSong structure (popular music)

Question 6: Mark Giangreco - from ________ sports, Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 on "Waddle and Silvy"

Question 7: Its former call sign was WCFL, for the ________.
Richard J. DaleyAmalgamated Meat CuttersDual unionismChicago Federation of Labor

Question 8: ________ and the Scott Van Pelt show are done by ESPN, while Waddle & Silvy, and The Afternoon Saloon are more focused on Chicago sports.
Mike GreenbergMike and Mike in the MorningESPNewsESPN Radio

Question 9: This format won few listeners from FM beautiful music stations such as WLOO, and by 1978 had been replaced by a gold-based ________ format.
Rock musicAdult contemporary musicPop rockPower pop

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/WMVP)