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Question 1: Dave Jones - Blair County reporter 1999–2000 (now ________ Washington Bureau Chief)
WBFFWSMHKGANSinclair Broadcast Group

Question 2: Jarod Latch - weekend sports anchor until 2007 (now at ________)

Question 3: The two stations and ________ in Pittsburgh are now occasionally marketed together as a result.
WJAC-TVWPXIWTOV-TVPittsburgh Cable News Channel

Question 4: WGAL 8 (8) (Lancaster) - WBRE 11 (28) (Wilkes-Barre) WICU 12 (12) (Erie) - ________ (Philadelphia) - WJAC 34 (6) (Johnstown) - WPXI 48 (11) (Pittsburgh)

Question 5: Katie Collett - weekday morning anchor and reporter until 2007 (now at ________)

Question 6: It originally aired an analog signal on ________ channel 13 before moving to VHF channel 6 in 1952.
L bandUltra high frequencyVery high frequencyHigh frequency

Question 7: Kyla Campbell - weekday morning anchor and Centre County reporter until 2008 (now at ________)

Question 8: It broadcasts a high definition digital signal on UHF channel 34 from a transmitter northwest of the city in ________ along the Cambria and Westmoreland County line.
Ohiopyle State ParkLaurel Hill State ParkLaurel Ridge State ParkBlue Knob State Park

Question 9: Because the audio portion of VHF channel 6 was transmitted at 87.75 ________, it was possible to listen to the television station on most standard FM car radios (or any standard FM radio for that matter).
VoltJouleHertzPascal (unit)

Question 10: Owned by ________, the station has studios on Old Hickory Lane in Johnstown.
Cox CommunicationsWJAC-TVKTVUCox Enterprises


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