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W80 (nuclear warhead): Quiz


Question 1: Submarine crew members routinely operate in close proximity to stored weapons in torpedo rooms, in contrast to the ________ where exposure to warheads is relatively brief.
Turkish Air ForceLuftwaffeRoyal Air ForceAir force

Question 2: The W80 is a small ________ (fusion weapon) in the enduring stockpile with an adjustable explosive yield of between 5 and 150 KT TNT.
Nuclear weaponNuclear weapons testingNuclear arms raceNuclear proliferation

Question 3: It was designed for deployment on cruise missiles and is the warhead used in the majority of nuclear-armed US Air Force ALCM and ACM missiles, and their US Navy counterpart, the ________.
AGM-129 ACMBGM-109 TomahawkAIM-120 AMRAAMAGM-86 ALCM

Question 4: Such plutonium is produced from ________ that have been irradiated a very short time as measured in MW-Day/Ton burnup.
CuriumNuclear fuelNuclear reactor technologyUranium

Question 5: The ________ began development on the W80 in June 1976, with the brief of producing a custom weapon for the cruise missiles then under construction.
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryArgonne National LaboratoryLos Alamos National LaboratoryLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Question 6: The W80 Model 0 (W80-0 or Mod 0) used "supergrade" fission fuel, which has less radioactivity, in the primary in place of the conventional ________ used in the Air Force's version.


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