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Question 1: [1] On June 19, 1940, Sikorski met with British Prime Minister ________ and promised that Polish forces would fight alongside the British until final victory.
Joseph StalinMargaret ThatcherHarold MacmillanWinston Churchill

Question 2: During the inquiry he denied this, and later blamed the inconsistency on post-crash shock affecting his actions and memory – essentially, on ________.
Panic disorderAmnesiaAlzheimer's diseasePsychogenic amnesia

Question 3: Sikorski met with British Foreign Secretary ________ in January 1942 to discuss Poland's future.
Anthony EdenWinston ChurchillAlec Douglas-HomeHarold Macmillan

Question 4: He fought with distinction in the Polish Legions during World War I, and later in the newly created ________ during the Polish-Soviet War (1919 to 1921).
PolandPolish Land ForcesPolish Armed ForcesKTO Rosomak

Question 5: [1] in the opening phase of the Polish-Soviet War, Władysław Sikorski, now commander of the ________ in the Galicia region, took part in the liberation of Lwów and Przemyśl.
Polish Armed ForcesPolandKTO RosomakPolish Land Forces

Question 6: He was subsequently buried in a brick-lined grave at the Polish War Cemetery in Newark-on-Trent, ________.
United KingdomEnglandScotlandWales

Question 7: [1] Experienced Polish pilots took part in the ________, where the Polish 303 Fighter Squadron achieved the highest number of kills of any Allied squadron.
Phoney WarBattle of BritainBattle of FranceWestern Front (World War II)

Question 8: After the signing of a Polish-British Military Agreement on August 5, 1940, they proceeded to build up and train the ________.
BundeswehrPolish Armed ForcesPortuguese Armed ForcesBritish Armed Forces

Question 9: Later Sikorski commanded the Polesie Group during Poland's ________ in early 1920.
Kiev Offensive (1920)Polish–Soviet WarKhmelnytsky UprisingPolish–Ukrainian War

Question 10: The November 30, 1942, forced landing at ________, Canada, was suspected to have been caused by sabotage.
MontrealUnderground City, MontrealGreater MontrealDowntown Montreal

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