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Vyacheslav Menzhinsky: Quiz


Question 1: After the ________ of 1917, Mężyński returned to Russia in the summer of that year.
Russian Provisional GovernmentRussian Revolution (1917)Vladimir LeninFebruary Revolution

Question 2: Since 1919 he was a member of the Presidium of ________, and five years later became a deputy chairman of its successor, the OGPU.
NKVDChekaVladimir LeninKGB

Question 3: He lived in ________, Switzerland, France, USA, working in foreign branches of the RSDLP.
United KingdomDenmarkSpainBelgium

Question 4: After the ________ Mężyński-Menzhinsky served as the People's Commissar of Finance.
Russian Provisional GovernmentRussian Civil WarOctober RevolutionVladimir Lenin

Question 5: He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg University in 1898 and joined the ________ (RSDLP) in 1902.
Russian Social Democratic Labour PartyKyiv Bilshovyk UprisingTsentralna RadaSocialist-Revolutionary Party

Question 6: At the same time, as a senior ________, Menzhinsky was loyal to Joseph Stalin, whose personality cult had already begun to rise, coinciding with several important purges in 1930-1931.
ChekaVladimir LeninNKVDKGB

Question 7: When his successor, Genrikh Yagoda, made his public confession under duress at the Moscow ________ in 1938, Yagoda stated that he had poisoned Menzhinsky.
Nikolai BukharinGreat PurgeMoscow TrialsTrial of the Twenty-One

Question 8: After ________'s death in July 1926 Menzhinsky became the chairman of the OGPU.
Vladimir LeninFelix DzerzhinskyRussiaJoseph Stalin


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