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Question 1: They made three flights over the ________ at an altitude of 15,000 metres (49,000 ft) and made observations with the Southwest Universal Imaging System—Airborne (SWUIS-A).
Mojave DesertSonoran DesertColorado PlateauGreat Basin

Question 2: [1] In the 1850s, ________ made detailed calculations of Mercury's orbit and found a small discrepancy in the planet's perihelion precession from predicted values.
NeptuneJohn Couch AdamsUrbain Le VerrierUranus

Question 3: If they do exist, the vulcanoids could easily evade detection because they would be very small and drowned out by the bright glare of the nearby ________.
SunEarthStarSolar System

Question 4: [11] In 2002, he and Dan Durda performed similar observations on an ________ fighter jet.
Northrop F-5F/A-18 HornetNorthrop YF-23F-20 Tigershark

Question 5: The vulcanoids are thought to exist in a gravitationally stable band inside the orbit of Mercury, at distances of 0.06–0.21 AU from the ________.
EarthStarSunSolar System

Question 6: If they exist they might contain material left over from the earliest period of planet formation,[12] and help determine the conditions under which the ________, particularly Mercury, formed.
Solar SystemGas giantExtrasolar planetTerrestrial planet

Question 7: [7][17] Mercury trojans, asteroids trapped in Mercury's ________, are also possible.
InclinationOrbital mechanicsOrbitLagrangian point

Question 8: [7][16] This does not include objects like Sungrazing comets which, although they have a ________ inside the orbit of Mercury, have far a greater semi-major axis.
Standard gravitational parameterOrbital periodOrbital eccentricityApsis

Question 9: In 2004, a ________ was attempted in order to get a camera above Earth's atmosphere.
Space tourismSub-orbital spaceflightRocketSpace Race

Question 10: They are unlikely to possess a ________ because such fragmented material heats and cools more rapidly, and is affected more strongly by the Yarkovsky effect, than solid rock.


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