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Question 1: A novelty song, "Moon Over Homewood," refers to the fact that the statue "________" the neighboring suburb of Homewood, Alabama.
MooningAnasyrmaV signRock-paper-scissors

Question 2: The statue's naked ________ have been source of humor for many years.
ButtocksFootHuman legLower limb

Question 3: The original tower was clad in Alabama ________ with an elevator and observation deck added.
CalciumSedimentary rockCalciteMarble

Question 4: The Vulcan statue is the largest cast iron statue in the world, and is the city symbol of ________, reflecting its roots in the iron and steel industry.
Hoover, AlabamaLeeds, AlabamaVestavia Hills, AlabamaBirmingham, Alabama

Question 5: Vulcan's head and right arm went on display at the ________ while the tower was prepared.
Birmingham Museum of ArtBirmingham Botanical Gardens (United States)Alabama AdventureMcWane Science Center

Question 6: It was created as Birmingham's entry for the ________ (1904 World's Fair) in St. Louis, Missouri.
United StatesHuman zooLouisiana Purchase ExpositionForest Park (St. Louis, Missouri)

Question 7: Vulcan was listed on the ________ on July 6, 1976.
History of the National Register of Historic PlacesProperty type (National Register of Historic Places)National Park ServiceNational Register of Historic Places

Question 8: Unfortunately, the statue itself had, at some point, been filled up to the chest with ________ and had begun to deteriorate seriously.

Question 9: The Vulcan statue was eventually re-erected at the Alabama State Fairgrounds, but the statue's arms were installed incorrectly, and the god was without his ________, which had been lost on the way from St.
CataphractJavelinPole weaponSpear

Question 10: Vulcan dramatically demonstrated the mineral riches and manufacturing capabilities of the Birmingham area while on display in the ________'s "Palace of Mines and Metallurgy".
Forest Park (St. Louis, Missouri)United StatesSt. Louis, MissouriLouisiana Purchase Exposition


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