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Question 1: The climate of the region is mostly continental with some maritime influence from the ________ located more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) to the west.
Arctic OceanAtlantic OceanPacific OceanIndian Ocean

Question 2: As Vouvray can be made in a wide range of sweetness styles, the ________ may indicate the sweetness level by the terms Sec, Demi-Sec, Moelleux and Doux.
Champagne (wine)Bordeaux winePinot noirWine label

Question 3: The Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) is dedicated almost exclusively to ________ though the obscure and minor grape Arbois is permitted but rarely used.
NebbioloChenin blancSangioveseChardonnay

Question 4: Note that the ________ level may not equate to the level of sweetness that a taster will perceive in the wine due to balance of acidity in the wine.
Loire Valley (wine)Dessert wineSweetness of wineStraw wine

Question 5: Located along the right bank of the ________ east of the city of Tours, the Vouvray region is situated on top a plateau that is dissected by small streams and tributaries of the Loire such as the Cisse and Brenne.
BourgesNantesLoire (river)Angers

Question 6: In the 16th and 17th century, Dutch merchants oversaw the plantings of many vineyards in the area to be used for wine trade with markets in ________, Paris and Rotterdam.

Question 7: Vouvrays are usually bottled early and expected to age in the ________.
RieslingWine bottleVin jauneWine from the United Kingdom

Question 8: Viticulture has existed in Vouvray since at least the Middle Ages when the ________ maintained vineyards at the local monasteries.
Pope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope

Question 9: The Chenin blanc grape, known locally as Pineau de la Loire, is believed to have originated in the ________ region sometime in the 9th century and from there eventually migrated to Vouvray.
Anjou wineSparkling wineLoire Valley (wine)Sancerre (wine)

Question 10: [4] The traditional style of winemaking in Vouvray is a ________ approach, often using neutral fermentation vessel such as stainless steel and not submitting the wine to malolactic fermentation.
Abstract expressionismColor FieldMinimalismLyrical Abstraction


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