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Question 1: The pool hosts swimming, ________, synchronized swimming and water polo teams and the respective training schools for children.
United StatesLondonUnited KingdomFinswimming

Question 2: Vouliagmeni is bisected by a ________ lined boulevard, Athinas Avenue, which arrives from Athens as Vouliagmenis Avenue, then runs parallel to the seashore and continues southwards.
CoconutFlowering plantArecaceaeHardy palms

Question 3: The club crest depicts a blue ________ set inside a white lifebuoy with eight crimson stripes; blue, white and crimson being the club colors.
AnchorHawseholeHawserDeck (ship)

Question 4: When her son, the god ________, was born, he picked up the discarded girdle and girdled himself in honour of his mother, and was hence named "Zoster" (Girt).
Greek mythologyHeraArtemisApollo

Question 5: Ruins of the temple of ________ Zoster have been excavated and can be viewed inside the public Astir Hotel beach.
HeraApolloArtemisGreek mythology

Question 6: The Megalo Kavouri is land largely owned by the ________, which maintains an enclosed, protected pine forest and an orphanage.
Church of GreeceEcumenical Patriarchate of ConstantinopleChurch of CyprusHistory of the Orthodox Church

Question 7: According to legend, when Leto was about to give birth to ________ and Artemis, she fled writhing in pain to Delos.
HeraHermesApolloGreek mythology

Question 8: The triathlon competition for the ________ took place in this area.
Switzerland at the 2004 Summer Olympics2004 Summer OlympicsGermany at the 2004 Summer OlympicsChina at the 2004 Summer Olympics

Question 9: Vouliagmeni (Greek: Βουλιαγμένη, meaning "sunken") is an seaside municipality 20 km south of ________.


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