Voter turnout: Quiz

Question 1: Similarly, in ________ all citizens and residents are included in the national register, which is simultaneously a tax list, voter registration, and membership in the universal health system.
ScandinaviaNordic countriesDenmarkNorway

Question 2: Here, P is the probability that an individual's vote will affect the outcome of an election, and B is the perceived benefit of that person's favored ________ or candidate being elected.
Political partyPoliticsParliamentary systemIdeology

Question 3: In ________ voting is compulsory, however there are practically no sanctions for those who do not vote.

Question 4: ________ have often fabricated high turnouts in showcase elections for this purpose.
ItalyDictatorDictatorshipMilitary dictatorship

Question 5: Charles Q. Choi (November 2007). "The Genetics of Politics" (Print). ________ (Scientific American, Inc.): pp. 18,21.
Nature BiotechnologyScientific American MindNature (journal)Scientific American

Question 6: The United Nations ________ shows some correlation between higher standards of living and higher turnout.
Stockpiling antiviral medications for pandemic influenzaHuman Development IndexUrbanization by countryEducation Index

Question 7: In other countries, like ________, voting is held on the weekend, when most voters are away from work.
FranceItalyCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: Different ________ have very different average voter turnouts.
United KingdomScotlandEnglandCountry

Question 9: Nations with a party specifically geared towards the working class will tend to have higher turnouts among that class than in countries where voters have only ________ parties, which try to appeal to all the voters, to choose from.
Political partyDemocratic Party (United States)LiberalismBig tent

Question 10: Canada banned the broadcasting of election results in any region where the polls have not yet closed; this ban was upheld by the ________.
Politics of CanadaSupreme Court of CanadaNational Gallery of CanadaGovernor General of Canada

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