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Voter registration: Quiz


Question 1: All citizens and residents of ________ are included in the national register, Folkeregisteret, where each person is assigned a personal number of eleven digits which include the person's date of birth.
United StatesPolandNorwayGermany

Question 2: Voter registration in ________ is automatic and based on a national population register.

Question 3: In ________, the task of enumeration was handled by the relevant elections bureau such as Elections Canada for the federal level until 1992.
United StatesCanadaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Voter registration is the requirement in some democracies for ________ and residents to check in with some central registry specifically for the purpose of being allowed to vote in elections.
Honorary Canadian citizenshipCitizenshipAncient GreeceLaw

Question 5: Every state except ________ requires that citizens who wish to vote be registered.
MinnesotaMontanaNorth DakotaSouth Dakota

Question 6: Laws requiring individual voters to register, as opposed to having the government register people automatically, have a strong ________ with lower numbers of people turning out to vote where voting is voluntary.
VarianceNormal distributionCorrelation and dependencePearson product-moment correlation coefficient

Question 7: This tactic, called Election Day Registration, has been adopted by several U.S. states: ________, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
MassachusettsNew JerseyConnecticutRhode Island

Question 8: ________ (American youth voter registration and engagement organization)
Dick CheneyMTVBarack ObamaRock the Vote

Question 9: [1] This legislation has been considered as controversial by some Australians who contend it ________ first-time voters or those who have forgotten to re-register.
Washington, D.C.Puerto RicoUnited StatesDisfranchisement

Question 10: Some states prohibit individuals convicted of a felony from voting, known as ________.
Felony disenfranchisementAustraliaUniversal suffrageDisfranchisement


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