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Vortigern: Quiz


Question 1: This origin of the later legend of ________ is clearly a local tale that had attracted the names of Vortigern and Ambrosius to usurp the roles of earlier characters.
MerlinKing ArthurKing Arthur in various mediaCamelot

Question 2: The ________ (History of the Britons), usually attributed to a certain Nennius, a monk from Bangor, Gwynedd in Wales, was probably compiled during the early 9th century.
Historia BrittonumHistorical basis for King ArthurKing ArthurSites and places associated with Arthurian legend

Question 3: However, it is possible that he assumed a meaningful name late in life that was intended to signal a new career: compare ________, Atatürk, or Stalin.
AugustusRoman EmperorDomitianTiberius

Question 4: The Historia Brittonum relates four battles taking place in Kent, obviously related to material in the ________ (see below).
Anglo-SaxonsWessexAnglo-Saxon ChronicleAlfred the Great

Question 5: Further, Vortigern used Constans as a puppet king and ruled the nation through him until he finally managed to kill him through the use of insurgent ________.
PictsScotlandKenneth MacAlpinDál Riata

Question 6: 162) (12th-century), refers to superbo tyranno Vortigerno; and Mommsen's MS. X (________ MS.
Clare College, CambridgeCambridge University LibraryTrinity College, CambridgeGonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Question 7: The fact that ________ also used the name makes it likely that Gildas did so too.
Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IJohn ChrysostomBede

Question 8: Vortigern's story remained well-known after the Middle Ages, especially in ________.
Great BritainEnglandUnited KingdomScotland

Question 9: The first writer to tell the story of Vortigern was the 6th-century historian Gildas, who wrote ________ (English: On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain) in the first decades of the sixth century.
Sub-Roman BritainDe Excidio et Conquestu BritanniaeVortiporiusMaelgwn Gwynedd

Question 10: Vortigern is accused of ________ (a possible or perhaps intentional mistake of Vortigern for Vortipor, accused by Gildas of the same crime), oath-breaking, treason, love for a pagan woman, and lesser vices such as pride.
Sexual abuseIncestMiscegenationProstitution

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