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Vorticity: Quiz


Question 1: For a fluid having locally a "rigid rotation" around an axis (i.e., moving like a rotating cylinder), vorticity is twice the ________ of a fluid element.
Angular velocityCross productRotation groupRigid body

Question 2: In the atmospheric sciences, vorticity is the rotation of ________ around a vertical axis.
NatureAtmosphere of EarthEarthHistory of the Earth

Question 3: low ________) fluids, with conservative body forces:
Mach numberKnudsen numberReynolds numberFluid dynamics

Question 4: But if the absolute vorticity is divided by the vertical spacing between levels of constant ________ (or potential temperature), the result is a conserved quantity of adiabatic flow, termed potential vorticity (PV).
EntropyStatistical mechanicsGibbs free energyThermodynamics

Question 5: Relative and absolute vorticity are defined as the z-components of the curls of relative (i.e., in relation to ________'s surface) and absolute wind velocity, respectively.

Question 6: Mathematically, vorticity is a ________ and is defined as the curl of the velocity field:
Vector calculusGradientDifferential formVector field

Question 7: Vorticity is a concept used in ________.
Surface tensionFluid mechanicsViscosityFluid dynamics

Question 8: In ________, vorticity is the curl of the fluid velocity.
Fluid mechanicsViscosityFluid dynamicsSurface tension

Question 9: In modern numerical weather forecasting models and ________ (GCM's), vorticity may be one of the predicted variables, in which case the corresponding time-dependent equation is a prognostic equation.
Global climate modelCurrent sea level riseThermohaline circulationEl Niño-Southern Oscillation

Question 10: This procedure is called the vortex panel method of ________.
Riemann solverComputational physicsMonte Carlo methodComputational fluid dynamics


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