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Vortex-induced vibration: Quiz


Question 1: Li Lee (________, USA)
Royal Dutch ShellBPReed ElsevierUnilever

Question 2: J. Kim Vandiver (________, USA)
Harvard UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyNortheastern UniversityBoston University

Question 3: Meneghini (________, Brazil)
São PauloUniversidade Estadual de CampinasSão Paulo (state)University of São Paulo

Question 4: Much progress has been made during the past decade, both numerically and experimentally, toward the understanding of the ________ (vice dynamics) of VIV, albeit in the low-Reynolds number regime.
Rigid bodyClassical mechanicsKinematicsForce

Question 5: Since real fluids always present some viscosity, the flow around the cylinder will be slowed down while in contact with its surface, forming the so called ________.
Boundary layerFluid mechanicsNavier–Stokes equationsDrag (physics)

Question 6: At very low ________ (based on the diameter of the circular member) the streamlines of the resulting flow is perfectly symmetric as expected from potential theory.
Reynolds numberStrouhal numberFluid dynamicsKnudsen number

Question 7: This motion changes the nature of the vortex formation in such a way as to lead to a limited motion amplitude (differently, then, from what would be expected in a typical case of ________).
ResonatorResonanceQ factorMechanical resonance

Question 8: Charles Dalton (________, USA)
Texas Tech UniversityUniversity of Texas at AustinUniversity of HoustonTexas A&M University

Question 9: ________ are then formed changing the pressure distribution along the surface.
Lift (force)Fluid dynamicsVortexVorticity

Question 10: Vortex-induced vibration (VIV) is an important source of fatigue damage of offshore ________ and production risers.
Hydrocarbon explorationReflection seismologyPeak oilPetroleum


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