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Question 1: A large application is vector quantization, commonly used in ________.
Audio compression (data)MPEG-1Video codecData compression

Question 2: It is also used in derivations of the capacity of a ________.
Wireless networkWireless access pointWi-FiWireless LAN

Question 3: Voronoi diagrams that are used in geophysics and ________ to analyse spatially distributed data (such as rainfall measurements) are called Thiessen polygons after American meteorologist Alfred H. Thiessen.
METARWeather forecastingMeteorologyPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 4: A ________ data structure can be built on top of the Voronoi diagram in order to answer nearest neighbor queries, where one wants to find the object that is closest to a given query point.
Computational geometryPolygon triangulationFractional cascadingPoint location

Question 5: In the case of general metric spaces, the cells are often called metric ________.
Riemann surfaceManifoldSurfaceFundamental polygon

Question 6: In ________, Voronoi cells defined by the positions of the nuclei in a molecule are used to compute atomic charges.
Computational chemistryQuantum chemistryDensity functional theoryMolecular dynamics

Question 7: The dual graph for a Voronoi diagram corresponds to the ________ for the same set of points S.
Pitteway triangulationDelaunay triangulationTriangleBeta skeleton

Question 8: A ________ lattice gives a tessellation of space with truncated octahedra
Monoclinic crystal systemCubic crystal systemCrystal systemTriclinic crystal system

Question 9: If S contains only two points, a and b, then the set of all points equidistant from a and b is a ________—an affine subspace of codimension 1.

Question 10: A ________ lattice gives a tessellation of space with rhombic dodecahedra
Crystal systemMonoclinic crystal systemTriclinic crystal systemCubic crystal system


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