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Volute: Quiz


Question 1: It has been suggested that the ornament was inspired by the curve of a ram's horns, or perhaps was derived from the natural spiral of the ovule of a common species of clover native to ________.

Question 2: The ornament is used as an element of Renaissance and ________ architecture and is a common decoration in furniture design, silver and ceramics.
Western art historyRococoMannerismBaroque

Question 3: A method of drawing the complex geometry was devised by the ancient Roman architect ________ from classical buildings and structures.
Roman technologyDe architecturaClassical antiquityVitruvius

Question 4: A volute is a spiral scroll-like ornament that forms the basis of the ________, found in the capital of the Ionic column.
Ionic orderCorinthian orderClassical orderDoric order

Question 5: It was later incorporated into ________ and Composite column capitals.
Doric orderCorinthian orderClassical orderCapital (architecture)


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