Volunteer (Irish republican): Quiz

Question 1: This group became the ________ in 1919 and fought the Irish War of Independence from 1919-1921.
Irish Republican ArmyMichael Collins (Irish leader)Irish nationalismIrish Republican Army (1922–1969)

Question 2: ________
Irish Republican Army (1922–1969)The Green Book (Irish Republican Army training manual)Provisional Irish Republican ArmyOfficial Irish Republican Army

Question 3: Gusty Spence, founder of the modern ________, described himself as a, "Volunteer of Ulster".
Northern IrelandProvisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997The TroublesUlster Volunteer Force

Question 4: The regular ________ also trace their descent back to the Irish Volunteers and the original IRA.
Portuguese Armed ForcesBritish Armed ForcesDefence Forces (Ireland)Bundeswehr

Question 5: More directly, modern republicans trace their descent back to the foundation of the ________ in 1913.
Easter RisingIrish VolunteersHome Rule Act 1914Irish nationalism

Question 6: Óglach is the equivalent title used in the ________.
Scottish GaelicIrish languageIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 7: A faction within the Volunteers staged the ________ in 1916 in pursuit on an independent Irish Republic.
Liam MellowsEaster RisingConstance MarkiewiczPatrick Pearse

Question 8: For example, Official IRA member ________, killed in 1972 was referred to in commemorations by his rank "Staff Captain" but also as a "Volunteer" [12].
The TroublesOfficial Irish Republican ArmyJoe McCannIrish National Liberation Army

Question 9: The ________ uses Saighdiúr Singil ("single soldier") as Irish for the rank of Private.
Provisional Irish Republican ArmyIrish Republican Army (1922–1969)Irish Civil WarIrish Army

Question 10: Among these have been the various forms of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the ________ (INLA).
Provisional Irish Republican ArmyContinuity Irish Republican ArmyOfficial Irish Republican ArmyIrish National Liberation Army

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Volunteer_(Irish_republican))