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Voltage: Quiz


Question 1: The cathode-ray oscilloscope works by amplifying the voltage difference and using it to deflect an ________ beam from a straight path, so that the deflection of the beam is proportional to the voltage difference.

Question 2: Mathematically this is expressed as the line integral of the ________ and the time rate of change of magnetic field along that path.
Maxwell's equationsElectric fieldLorentz forceElectromagnetism

Question 3: A simple analogy for an electric circuit is water flowing in a closed circuit of pipework, driven by a mechanical ________.
Bernoulli's principlePumpTurbineGas compressor

Question 4: In a similar way, work can be done by the electric current driven by the voltage difference due to an ________: for example, the current generated by an automobile battery can drive the starter motor in an automobile.
Galvanic cellNickel-cadmium batteryBattery (electricity)Rechargeable battery

Question 5: Voltage can be measured by a ________; real voltmeters approximate ideal voltmeters.
OscilloscopeMultimeterElectronic test equipmentVoltmeter

Question 6: In such a system, the work done to move water is equal to the ________ multiplied by the volume of water moved.
ForcePressure measurementPressureTemperature

Question 7: ________ (List of voltage by country)
Mains power around the worldFranceCyprusBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 8: Electrical safety is discussed in the articles on high voltage and ________.
HypothermiaElectric shockAsphyxiaRadiation poisoning

Question 9: If there is a water pressure difference between two points, then water flow (due to the pump) from the first point to the second will be able to do work, such as driving a ________.
TurbineEngineGas turbineTurbine (disambiguation)

Question 10: When talking about ________ (AC) there is a difference between instantaneous voltage and average voltage.
ElectricityElectric currentAlternating currentTransformer


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