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Volos: Quiz


Question 1: Of great importance for the biological diversity of the area, and the preservation of its climate, is the swamp of Bourboulithra, a wide ________ located west of the city center at Neapoli district.
Aquatic ecosystemLotic ecosystemBenthosLentic ecosystem

Question 2: Volos is directly linked with Athens once per day, with Thessaloniki twice per day, and with ________ 15 times a day.

Question 3: The ________ settlement at its higher reaches is a centre for recreational activities.
PaleolithicMiddle PaleolithicStone AgePaleolithic religion

Question 4: [4] When the Ottoman Empire started breaking apart, Macedonia was claimed by all members of the ________ (Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria), and by Romania.
Eleftherios VenizelosSecond Balkan WarFirst Balkan WarBalkan League

Question 5: Volos, as a ________ city, experiences a typical climate of neither particularly high nor extremely low temperatures throughout the year.
Pacific OceanAtlantic OceanMediterranean SeaIndian Ocean

Question 6: In 1830 ________ referred to it as Iolkos; others also referred to it as Nea Demetrias, after ancient Demetrias.
Scott SinclairWigan Athletic F.C.Jason KoumasCharles N'Zogbia

Question 7: The arrival of its refugees in 1922 and the ________ of 1955 gave Volos its present form.
Geotechnical engineeringS-waveEarthquakeLandslide

Question 8: The Anavros river, famous for ________'s pass, divides Nea Demetriada district from the rest of the urban area.
Greek mythologyJasonTrojan WarArgonautica

Question 9: The Building of the Air-force High officials Club near Agios Konstantinos Park, believed to have been designed by ________
International style (architecture)Le CorbusierFernand LégerGolden ratio

Question 10: ________, painter (1888-1978)
RomeGiorgio de ChiricoItalyFlorence


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