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Volgograd: Quiz


Question 1:
Where is Volgograd?
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Question 2: A number of communities in ________ and Italy have streets or avenues named after Stalingrad, hence Place de Stalingrad in Paris and the eponymous Paris Métro station of Stalingrad.
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited StatesFrance

Question 3:

Question 4: The fortress Sary Su (a local ________ name meaning: Yellow Water/River), was established to defend the unstable southern border of Tsarist Russia.
Kazakh languageAzerbaijani languageChuvash languageTatar language

Question 5: There were serious proposals to revert the name to "Stalingrad" during ________'s brief administration in 1985.
Leonid BrezhnevMikhail GorbachevKonstantin ChernenkoYuri Andropov

Question 6: Bolshevik forces occupied it during 1918, but were attacked by White forces under ________.
RussiaAnton DenikinRussian Civil WarAlexander Kutepov

Question 7: Under ________, the city became a centre of heavy industry and transshipment by rail and river, and as a result was attacked by Axis forces during World War II.
Harry S. TrumanJoseph StalinWinston ChurchillBoris Yeltsin

Question 8: The city was made famous for its resistance and extensive damage during the ________ during World War II.
Battle of StalingradOperation BarbarossaCase BlueEastern Front (World War II)

Question 9: On May 21, 2007, the CPRF or ________ obtained an important success in the Volgograd mayoral election.
Communist Party of the Russian FederationCommunist Party of AustriaParty of Communists of the Republic of MoldovaPortuguese Communist Party

Question 10: The ________ saw perhaps the greatest casualty figures of any battle in warfare (estimates are between 1,250,000[3] and 1,798,619[4]).
Operation BarbarossaCase BlueBattle of StalingradEastern Front (World War II)

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