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Volga trade route: Quiz


Question 1: (2006) "Rus." ________ (Brill Online).
Middle EastTurkish languageEncyclopaedia of IslamArabic language

Question 2: Slavic, however, was a ________ in the Eastern Europe at that time.
Lingua francaAzerbaijanMalaysiaTurkey

Question 3: In the Middle Ages, the Volga trade route connected Northern Europe and Northwestern Russia with the ________, via the Volga River.
Aral SeaArctic OceanCaspian SeaIssyk Kul

Question 4: Volga route played a major role in the inner trade of the ________ and later between the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Tatar khanates.
Chagatai KhanateIlkhanateGolden HordeMongol Empire

Question 5: About six miles south of the Volkhov River entry into ________, they established a settlement called Ladoga (Old Norse: Aldeigjuborg).
Karelian IsthmusLeningrad OblastKareliaLake Ladoga

Question 6: In 921-922, ibn Fadlan was a member of a diplomatic delegation sent from Baghdad to ________, and he left an account of his personal observations about the Rus of the Volga region, who dealt in furs and slaves.
RussiaKhazarsVolga BulgariaGolden Horde

Question 7: The earliest and the richest finds of Arabic coins in Europe were discovered on the territory of present-day Russia, particularly along the ________, at Timerevo in the district of Yaroslavl.
Selizharovka RiverKuybyshev ReservoirVolga RiverSviyaga River

Question 8: The Rus used this route to trade with Muslim countries on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, sometimes penetrating as far as ________.

Question 9: The route functioned concurrently with the ________ trade route, better known as the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, and lost its importance in the 11th century.
Dnieper RiverSozhPripyat RiverDesna River


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