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Volga Tatars: Quiz


Question 1: Two centuries later, as the Horde disintegrated, the area became the territory of the ________, which was ultimately conquered by Russia in 1552.
KhazarsChuvashiaKhanate of KazanGolden Horde

Question 2: Now they tend to be assimilated among Chuvash and ________.
Volga TatarsKazakhstanTurkic peoplesTatars

Question 3: Their ancestors are ________, Kipchaks, and some Volga Bulgars—Volga Bulgars had trade colonies in modern Astrakhan and Volgograd oblasts of Russia.
JewsAntisemitismKhazarsAshkenazi Jews

Question 4: Originally they lived in Tambov, Penza, Ryazan oblasts of Russia, and in ________, some western districts of Tatarstan.

Question 5: Turkey
ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 6: They are the majority of the population of ________, one of the constituent republics of Russia.
Sakha RepublicTatarstanBashkortostanChuvashia

Question 7: Kazan Tatars live in Russia's ________.
BashkortostanChelyabinsk OblastKomi RepublicPerm Krai

Question 8: During the 11th-16th centuries, numerous Turkic tribes lived in what is now Russia and ________.

Question 9: While the bulk of the population is found in ________ (nearly 2 million) and neighbouring regions, significant numbers of Kazan Tatars live in Central Asia, Siberia, and the Caucasus.
ChuvashiaSakha RepublicBashkortostanTatarstan

Question 10: Keräşen Tatars live all over ________.
BashkortostanTatarstanChuvashiaSakha Republic


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