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Volcano: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Michael Rispoli play in the TV series Volcano?
Gator Harris
Stéphane Séquineau
Mike Roark
Emmit Reese

Question 2:
What role did Gaby Hoffmann play in the TV series Volcano?
Dr. Jaye Calder
Madame de Chauvalons
Zabette de Chavalons
Kelly Roark

Question 3:
Who played Stéphane Séquineau the TV series Volcano?
Wallace Beery
Arthur Edmund Carewe
John Corbett
Ricardo Cortez

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Mayon, near-perfect stratovolcano in the Philippines
  Skjaldbreiður, a shield volcano whose name means "broad shield"
  Fourpeaked volcano, Alaska, in September 2007, after being thought extinct for over 10,000 years.

Question 5:
Volcano, Pyroclastic flow and Rhyolite are all:
Geological processes Plate tectonics Volcanology Volcanic rocks

Question 6:
Who played Gator Harris the TV series Volcano?
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Michael Rispoli
Ricardo Cortez
Tommy Lee Jones

Question 7:
Who played Maurice Séquineau the TV series Volcano?
Brandon Hurst
Don Cheadle
Tommy Lee Jones
Arthur Edmund Carewe

Question 8:
Who played Police Lieutenant Ed Fox the TV series Volcano?
Keith David
Keith David
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Tommy Lee Jones

Question 9:
Who played Kelly Roark the TV series Volcano?
Dale Fuller
Gaby Hoffmann
Jacqueline Kim
Anne Heche

Question 10:
Who played Marie de Chauvalons the TV series Volcano?
Bebe Daniels
Marjorie Gay
Eulalie Jensen
Anne Heche


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