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Volcanic gas: Quiz


Question 1: Exotic trace compounds include methyl mercury, ________ (including CFCs), and halogen oxide radicals.
OrganochlorideHalocarbonOrganobromine compoundCarbon–fluorine bond

Question 2: Main article: ________
Nevado del RuizMount RainierPrediction of volcanic activityBernard Chouet

Question 3: The ________, carbon dioxide, is emitted from volcanoes, although volcanic emissions account for less than 1% of the annual global total.
Greenhouse gasGlobal warmingOzone depletionKyoto Protocol

Question 4: ________ on volcanoes often show a measurable amount of magmatic gas in dissolved form.
Hot springJapanUnited StatesChile

Question 5: Gases are released from ________ through volatile constituents reaching such high concentrations in the base magma that they evaporate.
MagmaGraniteBasaltIgneous rock

Question 6: outside the gas by ground-based or airborne remote ________ (e.g., COSPEC, FLYSPEC, DOAS, FTIR)
Atomic absorption spectroscopyAnalytical chemistrySpectroscopyAtomic emission spectroscopy

Question 7: This is caused by the addition of seawater into magmas formed at ________.
Volcanic arcMid-ocean ridgeConvergent boundarySubduction

Question 8: Volcanoes located at convergent plate boundaries emit more water vapor and ________ than volcanoes at hot spots or divergent plate boundaries.

Question 9: The trace metal, trace organic and ________ composition is usually determined by different mass spectrometric methods.
TechnetiumStable nuclideIsotopeAtom

Question 10: [1] Some volcanic gases kill by acidic corrosion; others kill by ________.
AsphyxiaDecompression sicknessHypoxia (medical)Altitude sickness


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