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Volcanic crater: Quiz


Question 1: Some volcanic craters may fill either fully or partially with rain and/or melted snow, forming a ________.
PhilippinesCalderaCrater lakeUnited States

Question 2: In the majority of typical volcanoes, the crater is situated atop the mountain formed from the erupted volcanic deposits such as ________ and tephra.
Flood basaltIgneous rockLavaBasalt

Question 3: [1] It is typically a basin, circular in form within which occurs a vent (or vents) from which ________ erupts as gases, lava, and ejecta.
BasaltIgneous rockMagmaGranite

Question 4: During certain types of climactic eruptions, the volcano's magma chamber may empty enough for an area above it to subside, forming what may appear to be a crater but is actually known as a ________.
SupervolcanoUnited StatesCalderaComplex volcano


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