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Volcanic Seven Summits: Quiz


Question 1: The highest volcano on each of these continents is easily defined and undisputed: ________ for Africa, Pico de Orizaba for North America, and Mount Sidley for Antarctica.
Mount KenyaMount ElbrusMount DamavandMount Kilimanjaro

Question 2: Even if this continent is defined instead as Oceania (thus adding New Zealand and Polynesia including ________), Giluwe remains the highest volcano since it exceeds the elevation of Mauna Kea in Hawaii and any volcano in New Zealand.
AlaskaUnited StatesHawaiiFlorida

Question 3: The most problematic situation in defining the Volcanic Seven Summits is in ________.

Question 4: Since the massive twin-peaked stratovolcano of Mount Elbrus rises just north of the crest, it is the highest summit in ________ and also the highest volcano.
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 5: Topographic maps of the Chile / ________ border region which contains the highest peaks are of notoriously poor accuracy, with elevation errors exceeding 328 feet or 100 meters in many cases.
Buenos AiresArgentinaBrazilUruguay

Question 6: Summiting all of the Volcanic Seven is regarded as a ________ challenge, first postulated as such in 1999.
MountaineeringHikingBackpacking (wilderness)Bicycle touring

Question 7: Although there are a few minor volcanoes on the Australian mainland, this list recognizes that the island of ________ is an integral part of the Australian continent.
NiueNew CaledoniaPalauNew Guinea

Question 8: The current consensus based on the most recent measurements places ________ as the 2nd highest peak (and highest volcano) in South America, significantly higher than Monte Pissis.
Ojos del SaladoLanínTupungatoCotopaxi

Question 9: The generally accepted geographical border between Europe and Asia runs along the crest of the Ural Mountains in central ________ and of the Caucasus along the southern border of Russia.
MoscowUnited StatesRussiaRussian culture

Question 10: An additional complication in determining the highest volcanic summits is defining exactly what constitutes a volcano, and how much ________ it must have relative to any nearby non-volcanic peaks in order to qualify.
Mount McKinleyContinentMount EverestTopographic prominence


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