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Question 1: In addition, Voith took over the hydropower operations of the US market leader Allis Chalmers in ________.
York, PennsylvaniaYork County, PennsylvaniaHanover, PennsylvaniaHarrisburg, Pennsylvania

Question 2: In Kunshan and ________, China, the company also opened new production plants in 1996.

Question 3: In the mid 1800s, Johann Matthäus Voith began developing spinning machines, wool reprocessing machines and ________.
Movable typeJohannes GutenbergBookPrinting press

Question 4: Together, they expanded the company’s role in industrial drive technologies, and in 1929 Voith produced the first ________ clutch and transmission using the Föttinger Principle.
Fluid dynamicsFluid mechanicsSurface tensionViscosity

Question 5: Throughout the ________, Voith rapidly expanded to become an internationally active corporation.

Question 6: The next year, the Voith ________ Hydro Power Generation was founded as a joint venture between the two international leaders in turbine and generator technologies.
AllianzMetro AGE.ONSiemens

Question 7: Voith-Schneider, a specialised ________ system.
Marine propulsionEngineeringNaval architectureTransport

Question 8: This new marine drive could significantly improve the manoeuvrability of a ________, being invented by the Vienna engineer Ernst Schneider, and enhanced by Voith.
Herring BussShipFishing vesselFelucca

Question 9: In 1953, Voith produced Europe's fastest newsprint paper machine for the Feldmühle AG: running at speeds of 600 ________/min, and producing up to 200 tons of newsprint each day.
10 megametresMetre100 megametres1 decametre

Question 10: At the same time, Voith's new triple-converter transmission for motorised railcars, and its DIWA ________ transmissions made Voith the market leader in drive technology.
Bus advertisingPublic transport bus serviceBusTrolleybus

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