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Question 1: This was necessary for the reactor to run on unenriched uranium and to require no ________.
Heavy waterPlutoniumNuclear reactor technologyNuclear fission

Question 2: If the void coefficient is large enough and control systems do not respond quickly enough, this can form a ________ loop which can quickly boil all the coolant in the reactor.
Exponential growthPositive feedbackEstrogenOxytocin

Question 3: Some reactors circulate pressurized water, some use liquid metal, such as sodium, NaK, lead, or mercury; others use gases (see ________).
Nuclear powerNuclear reactor technologyAdvanced gas-cooled reactorMagnox

Question 4: In particular, slow neutrons are more easily absorbed by fissile nuclei than fast neutrons, so a ________ which slows neutrons will increase the reactivity of a nuclear reactor.
PlutoniumNeutron moderatorNuclear fissionNuclear reactor technology

Question 5: ________ reactors run on nuclear chain reactions, in which each nucleus that undergoes fission releases heat and neutrons.
UraniumNuclear fusionNuclear fissionPlutonium

Question 6: ________ operate with no voids at all, and the water serves as both moderator and coolant.
Pressurized water reactorLight water reactorNuclear powerNuclear reactor technology

Question 7: ________ reactors, advanced gas-cooled reactors and pebble bed reactors are gas-cooled and so void coefficients are not an issue.
Nuclear reactor technologyPlutoniumMagnoxNuclear reprocessing

Question 8: Each ________ may impact another nucleus and cause it to undergo fission.

Question 9: Reactivity is affected by many factors, including coolant/moderator temperature and ________, fuel temperature and density, and structural temperature and density.

Question 10: ________ do not use moderators, since they run on fast neutrons, but the coolant (often lead or sodium) may serve as a neutron absorber and reflector.
Molten salt reactorRadioactive wasteIntegral Fast ReactorFast breeder reactor


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