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Vocal tract: Quiz


Question 1: Parrot - a bird able to imitate human speech (but without comprehension, with the possible exception of ________)
Red-fronted ParrotRüppell's ParrotSenegal ParrotAfrican Grey Parrot

Question 2: The vocal tract is the cavity in animals where sound that is produced at the sound source (________ in mammals; syrinx in birds) is filtered.
ThyroidDigestionLarynxRespiratory system

Question 3: In ________ it consists of the trachea, the syrinx, the oral cavity, the upper part of the esophagus, and the beak.
BirdArchaeopteryxModern birdsEnantiornithes

Question 4: In ________ it consists of the laryngeal cavity, the pharynx, the oral cavity, and the nasal cavity, and in some nonhuman mammals maybe also the airsacs.
Mammal classificationMammalPrimateEven-toed ungulate


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