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Vocal range: Quiz


Question 1: Also some pipe organs, such as the ________, extends down to C-1 (one octave below C0).
Organ stopWanamaker OrganBoardwalk Hall Auditorium OrganOrgan pipe

Question 2: ________
Voice typeVocal pedagogyVoice classification in non-classical musicOpera

Question 3: Also the opera ________ by Jules Massenet called for high F, and even high G.
ManonWertherLe roi de LahoreEsclarmonde

Question 4: One should also note that in the eighteenth century, pitches were not standardized (see ________).
OctaveSemitoneMusical notationPitch (music)

Question 5: Other factors are vocal weight, vocal tessitura, vocal ________, vocal transition points, physical characteristics, speech level, scientific testing, and vocal registration.
TimbreColoraturaOperaChest voice

Question 6: ________ : from F-sharp below middle C to soprano F (F3 - F6).
FachMaria CallasJoan SutherlandFranco Corelli

Question 7: Another example would be a male ________ singer who might quite regularly deploy his falsetto pitches in performance and thus include them in determining his range.
DiscoFunkRock and rollDoo-wop

Question 8: In terms of ________, human voices are roughly in the range of 80 Hz to 1100 Hz (that is, E2 to C6) for normal male and female voices together.
WaveElectromagnetic radiationSoundFrequency

Question 9: [2] For example, within ________ all singers must project over an orchestra without the aid of a microphone.
The opera corpusFrench operaFachOpera

Question 10: Women are typically divided into three groups: soprano, ________, and contralto.

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