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Vocal pedagogy: Quiz


Question 1: Vocal pedagogists will also usually spend time helping their students become better sight readers, often adopting ________ which assigns certain syllables to the notes of the scale.
B (musical note)E (musical note)SolfègeA (musical note)

Question 2: It was during this time, that teachers and composers first began to identify singers by and write roles for more specific ________.
SingingVocal pedagogyOperaVoice type

Question 3: When techniques of posture, breathing, ________, resonation, and articulation have become established in this comfortable area, the true quality of the voice will emerge and the upper and lower limits of the range can be explored safely.
PhonationModal voiceVoicelessVoice (phonetics)

Question 4: Voice classification is the process by which human singing voices are evaluated and are thereby designated into ________.
FachVocal pedagogyVoice typeOpera

Question 5: Men are usually divided into four groups: countertenor, tenor, ________, and bass.
BaritoneBass-baritoneBass (voice type)Fach

Question 6: With the onset of the ________ in the 15th century, the study of singing began to move outside of the church.
BaroqueWestern art historyRenaissanceItalian Renaissance

Question 7: Their concept of head voice, however, is much more similar to the modern pedagogists understanding of the ________.
FalsettoFachOperaChest voice

Question 8: [2] In the late 17th century, the ________ method of singing began to develop in Italy.
FachAriaOperaBel canto

Question 9: Scholars such as Alypius and ________ studied and made observations on the art of singing.

Question 10: Vocal sounds are divided into two basic categories-vowels and ________-with a wide variety of sub-classifications.
ConsonantPalatal consonantAlveolar consonantVelar consonant

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