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Vix Grave: Quiz


Question 1: The grave also contained an assemblage of imported objects from ________ and the Greek world, all of them associated with the preparation of wine.

Question 2: Archaeological research on and around Mont Lassois is ongoing as part of the research agenda of the ________,[4] and important discoveries were made in 2006 (see below).
French National Centre for Scientific ResearchGrands établissementsÉtablissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnelInstitut de recherche pour le développement

Question 3: There also have been finds of imported Attic black figure vases from ________.

Question 4: A frieze of ________ decorates the neck of the vessel, which is made of a bronze ring inserted into the main vase and supporting the handles.
HopliteAncient Greek warfareGreco-Persian WarsPhalanx formation

Question 5: She wears a peplos, the body-length ________ garment worn by women, and her head is covered by a veil.
Attic GreekDoric GreekAncient GreekAeolic Greek

Question 6: As in its famous neighbouring grave, it contained a woman laid in a cart, or chariot, accompanied by two iron ________ and a gold bracelet.
BillhookAdzeAxeDrill bit

Question 7: Increasingly systematic work throughout the following decades revealed thousands of ________ sherds, fibulae, jewellery, and other bronze and iron finds.
Ceramic artStained glassCollagePottery

Question 8: This separation was based on economic success, connected with the trade of the new, superior metal—namely ________.

Question 9: They probably housed an aristocracy that had developed in the context of the increasingly important trade in iron ore and ________.

Question 10: It, too, contained a cart, as well as an Etruscan bronze bowl with four ________ or lioness handles.
UnicornEagle (heraldry)GriffinSalamander (legendary creature)


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