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Vivisection: Quiz


Question 1: Vivisections were also performed on pregnant women, sometimes impregnated by doctors, and the ________ removed.
Prenatal developmentUmbilical veinFetusEmbryology

Question 2: Prisoners had limbs ________ in order to study blood loss.
AmputationICD-9-CM Volume 3United StatesSurgery

Question 3: Parts of the ________, lungs, liver, etc.
Sensory systemDigestionBrainNervous system

Question 4: Vivisection (from ________ vivus ("alive") + sectio ("cutting")) is defined as surgery conducted for experimental purposes on a living organism, typically animals with a central nervous system, to view living internal structure.
Roman EmpireLatinVulgar LatinOld Latin

Question 5: In the U.K., any experiment involving vivisection must be granted a licence by the ________.
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth AffairsChancellor of the ExchequerHome SecretaryLeader of the House of Commons

Question 6: The term is sometimes more broadly defined as any experimentation on live animals; see ________.
Animal testing on invertebratesAnimal testingAnimal testing on non-human primatesGreat ape research ban


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