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Vitamin E: Quiz


Question 1:
Who wrote Vitamin E?
David Werner, Carol Thuman, Jane Maxwell
Roger Zelazny and Jane Lindskold
Jane Higdon
L. Sprague deCamp, Catherine Crook de Camp and Jane Whittington Griffin

Question 2: ________ and other green leafy vegetables (2 mg -13%)
Brussels sproutAmaranthSpinachBroccoli

Question 3: The oxidised α-tocopheroxyl radicals produced in this process may be recycled back to the active reduced form through reduction by other antioxidants, such as ________, retinol or ubiquinol.
VitaminVitamin B12Vitamin CVitamin C megadosage

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Vitamin E have?
Suburban Myth
Vitamin E
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version mix

Question 5: [1] Vitamin E is a family of α-, β-, γ-, and δ-________ and corresponding four tocotrienols.
Vitamin KVitamin CFolic acidTocopherol

Question 6: B6 (Pyridoxine, Pyridoxal phosphate, ________)
PimagedinePyridinePyridoxamineCofactor (biochemistry)

Question 7: Oral consumption of ________ is also proven to protect against stroke-associated brain damage in vivo.
TocotrienolVitamin DVitamin B12Vitamin C

Question 8: [3][6] This would remove the ________ intermediates and prevent the oxidation reaction from continuing.
OxygenAntioxidantOxidative stressRadical (chemistry)

Question 9: For example, γ-tocopherol (also written as gamma-tocopherol) is a nucleophile that can react with ________ mutagens.

Question 10: [13] For more information, read article ________.
TocopherolVitaminVitamin KVitamin C


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