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Vitória: Quiz


Question 1: Vitória's economy is strongly based on ________, being an important port city, having a total of three ports.
TradeSilk RoadInternational tradeFree trade

Question 2: Curiously, within the state of ________, the German language has probably as many speakers as the French and Italian languages, although it is not available as part of the official curriculum for most of the schools.
BahiaEspírito SantoMinas GeraisVila Velha

Question 3: By 1894 the town showed signs of growth fueled mainly by the great activity of the port of Vitória, and the high price of ________, which was the main export product for the state at the time.
History of coffeeCaffeineCoffeeCoffeehouse

Question 4: In May 1999 the first direct international freight connection to the United States (________) began operating to Vitória, facilitating imports to the state of Espírito Santo.
Downtown MiamiSouth Florida metropolitan areaMiami-Dade County, FloridaMiami

Question 5: More recently, oil is giving a major boost in the economy, since in the last few years Espírito Santo state has become one of the largest oil producers in ________.
East TimorPortugalBrazilMozambique

Question 6: The Port of Tubarão was designed in the 1960s by ________ when the Port of Vitória began showing signs of saturation.
Itaú UnibancoCompanhia Siderúrgica NacionalVale (mining company)Petrobras

Question 7: An increasing business tourism and a burgeoning ________ are also effects of the recent oil-related activities.
Allodial titlePropertyOwnershipReal estate

Question 8: Victory) is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, ________.
MozambiqueBrazilEast TimorPortugal

Question 9: Vitória's first strong economic activity was coffee in the early 1900s, being an important coffee-export port and marketplace, along with ________ and Santos.
RecifeRio de JaneiroNiteróiSalvador, Bahia

Question 10: Since then the economy has diversified a lot, having today a large and well established iron ore processing and steel making ________ park.
EconomicsIndustrialisationIndustrial RevolutionIndustry


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