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Visuddhimagga: Quiz


Question 1: It is considered the most important Theravada text outside of the ________ canon of scriptures.
ParivaraSutta PitakaPāli CanonBuddhism

Question 2: Pali Text Society edition, London, England (________)
Latin alphabetAlphabetPhoenician alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 3: The Visuddhimagga ("The path to purity") is a Theravada Buddhist commentary written by ________ approximately in 430 CE in Sri Lanka.

Question 4: The fourth part describes the practice of ________ through the development of wisdom.
Buddhist meditationVipassana movementVipassanāBuddhism

Question 5: Pre-sectarian Buddhism
Early schools • Sthavira
Asoka • Third Council
Mahinda • Sanghamitta
Dipavamsa • Mahavamsa

Question 6: Saṃsāra • Nibbāṇa
Middle Way
Noble Eightfold Path
Enlightenment Stages
Precepts • Three Jewels
PratītyasamutpādaFour Noble TruthsHouseholder (Buddhism)Skandha

Question 7: The second part describes ________'s practice, object by object (see Kammatthana for the list of the forty traditional objects).
Buddhist meditationBuddhismVipassanāSamatha

Question 8: The third part is a description of the five skandhas (aggregates), ayatanas, the ________ and the dependent origination (see: Pratitya-samutpada).
Four Noble TruthsPratītyasamutpādaNirvanaBuddhism


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