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Question 1: ________ itself can be visualized (e.g.
English WikipediaWikipediaGerman WikipediaUrdu Wikipedia

Question 2: Information Visualization at the ________
Time WarnerOpen Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Jim Barksdale

Question 3: The use of visual representations to transfer knowledge between at least two persons aims to improve the transfer of knowledge by using ________ and non-computer based visualization methods complementarily.
LinuxPersonal computerComputerCentral processing unit

Question 4: Primarily associated with two dimensional images, it includes: alphanumerics, ________, signs, and electronic resources.

Question 5: Visual communication is the ________ of ideas through the visual display of information.
CommunicationMicrobiologySocial sciencesScientific method

Question 6: ________ has written two critically acclaimed books that explain many of these principles.
Scientific modellingEdward TufteData visualizationInformation graphics

Question 7: As a subject in ________, data visualization or scientific visualization is the use of interactive, sensory representations, typically visual, of abstract data to reinforce cognition, hypothesis building and reasoning.
Software engineeringProgramming paradigmComputer scienceComputer programming

Question 8: Examples from ________ include Ptolemy's Geographia (2nd Century AD), a map of China (1137 AD), and Minard's map (1861) of Napoleon's invasion of Russia half a century earlier.
Geographic information systemGeographySpatial analysisCartography

Question 9: While information visualization concentrates on the use of computer-supported tools to derive new insights, knowledge visualization focuses on transferring insights and creating new ________ in groups.

Question 10: ________, also known as knowledge-discovery in databases (KDD)
Artificial neural networkMass surveillanceSurveillanceData mining

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