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Question 1: They use a combination of vision and other senses to learn, although they may require adaptations in lighting or the size of print, and, sometimes, ________;
Latin alphabetASCIIDiacriticBraille

Question 2: ________ (Australian legal case about making a website accessible to a visually impaired person)
World Wide Web ConsortiumMaguire v SOCOG 1999Programme (booklet)Maguire v SOCOG 2000

Question 3: Visual impairment is one of the potential dangers of ________.
OzoneGermicidal lampUltraviolet germicidal irradiationMicroorganism

Question 4: In the ________,[5] the terms "partially sighted," "low vision," "legally blind," and "totally blind" are used in the educational context to describe students with visual impairments.
CanadaUnited StatesPhilippinesAlaska

Question 5: best corrected ________ of less than 20/60, or significant central field defect,
Color blindnessStrabismusPupilVisual acuity


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