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Question 1: The three lines from object endpoint A heading toward the eye indicate the bundle of light rays that pass through the cornea, pupil and lens to form an optical image of endpoint A on the ________ at point a.
Ciliary muscleRetinaScleraIris dilator muscle

Question 2: The visual angle is the angle a viewed object subtends at the eye, usually stated in ________.
LongitudeMetric systemLatitudeDegree (angle)

Question 3: For present purposes, point O can represent the eye's ________ at about the center of the lens, and also represent the center of the eye's entrance pupil that is only a few millimeters in front of the lens.
Cardinal point (optics)OpticsFocal lengthLens (optics)

Question 4: The visual angle V can be measured directly using a ________ placed at point O.

Question 5: Therefore, if one is interested in the performance of the eye or the first processing steps in the ________, it does not make sense to refer to the absolute size of a viewed object (its linear size S).
Frontal eye fieldsCuneusVisual cortexDorsomedial area

Question 6: The central line of the bundle represents the ________
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetic radiationWaveguide (electromagnetism)Ray (optics)

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