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Vistula–Oder Offensive: Quiz


Question 1: The 1st Ukrainian Front captured an additional large bridgehead at Sandomierz (known as the Baranow bridgehead in German accounts) during the ________.
Lvov–Sandomierz OffensiveOperation BagrationVistula–Oder OffensiveEastern Front (World War II)

Question 2: ________ (Marshal Georgy Zhukov)
2nd Belorussian Front51st ArmyBryansk Front1st Belorussian Front

Question 3: Guderian presented the intelligence results to ________, who refused to believe them, dismissing the apparent Soviet strength as "the greatest imposture since Genghis Khan".
Nazi GermanyNazi PartySchutzstaffelAdolf Hitler

Question 4: [4] Guderian had proposed to evacuate the divisions of Army Group North trapped in the Courland Pocket to the Reich via the ________ to get the necessary manpower for the defence, but Hitler forbade it.
Black SeaNorth SeaArctic OceanBaltic Sea

Question 5:

Question 6: ________ operations
Bagration (VilniusBelostockOsovetsLublin–Brest) – Lvov–SandomierzBalticVistula–OderEast PrussianEast PomeranianSilesian
Eastern Front (World War II)Joseph StalinRed ArmySoviet Armed Forces

Question 7: According to ________ and several other commentators the soldiers of the Red Army looted and committed many atrocities.
Antony BeevorRussiaStalingrad (book)Berlin: The Downfall 1945

Question 8: In addition, Hitler commanded that one major operational reserve, the troops of Sepp Dietrich's Sixth SS Panzer Army, were moved to ________ to support Operation Frühlingserwachen.

Question 9: 4,936 ________
Korean WarAnti-tank rifleAnti-tank warfareT-34

Question 10: The offensive took Soviet forces from their start lines on the Vistula river in Poland to the Oder river deep in Germany, about seventy kilometers from the capital ________.

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